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Elastic worked closely with The Media Precinct to explore the important role that Dementia Australia plays for Health Care Professionals and people living with dementia.

Through a series of video interviews with HCP’s we uncovered what it’s like to diagnose a patient with dementia and how those patients can benefit from the support that Dementia Australia offers. We also spoke to people living with dementia and their carers to hear what their experience with Dementia Australia was like and how the support and advice they received was invaluable to them during a difficult time.

Our approach

The interviews were profound and emotional at times, with discussions touching on subjects like early intervention and diagnosis, quality of life, and the different ways in which Dementia Australia provides support at all stages of the disease.

Many production considerations were made when making this sensitive content. It was important that people felt comfortable. We made sure that the location felt homely, and that we had a multi-camera set up so people only had to tell their stories once. The overall look and feel was meant to draw the viewer into the conversation, and help them feel the emotion one feels as a person living with dementia, as a carer or a HCP.