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We worked with AbbVie to create a series of short documentaries, showcasing the importance of medical research in the development of groundbreaking treatments that truly change people’s lives. The Discovery Series is an innovative storytelling approach to the pharmaceutical industry, an industry that doesn’t often use documentary production to tell its stories. 

From powerful biography style films for Hepatitis C, superhero comic book illustrations for Blood Cancer, to the power of social media culture for sufferers of Psoriasis, each episode featured a distinct graphics style. The series was so successful, episode 2 ‘In Our Sights’ was selected for the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

What we delivered
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Episode 1

Damo’s journey with Hepatitis C has been a harrowing one, from the brink of death to life saving access to a new medicine trial, Damo has a lot to be thankful for. This is his story.

Episode 2

Cancer touches the lives of so many people and it’s a battle we are all too familiar with. With our host Andrew Rochford, we draw on classic superhero comics to tell the battle against blood cancer.

Episode 3

Psoriasis may not be life threatening, but it can be severely debilitating and life altering for sufferers. This episode looks at how technology can be life changing in more ways than one.