Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Campaign
Red Shield Appeal
The Salvation Army

The Red Shield Appeal is arguably one of Australia’s most profound charitable initiatives, helping the most vulnerable in our community. For some, when things get tough, “I’m fine” becomes the constant narrative, and asking for help can be hard. We worked with Thinkerbell to flip the narrative on what ‘I’m fine” really means in times of hardship. For so many Australians, things aren’t fine, they’re dire. Job loss, evictions, hungry children to feed.

What we delivered 
Social Videos

Creative Approach

A cinematic approach essential to this campaign, and a convincing dramatic performance was key so the audience to relate to the situation on screen. Our main character had to be stoic but cracks starting to appear in her armour. An unsure glance, a wavering voice and a slight disconnect with those around her. It was a tough brief! Pools of light and interesting angles emphasise isolation, and when the Salvos arrive, sunlight and everyone being physically close convey hope.